4-8 pm


An immersive installation by Katya Popova and Katarina Miljkovic

On view May 10 - June 16, 2019

In memory of Eva Hesse

”ELEMENTAL” is an immersive installation inspired by the basic structure of things. Its visual form explores the inner world of painting and cardboard, their visceral and abstract qualities—intersection, edge, line, negative space, texture, color and movement. In the process, a series of juxtapositions-dichotomies emerge—archaic versus modern, organic versus man made, heavy versus light, durable versus ephemeral, vertical versus diagonal.

The installation is composed of sculptural visual elements, real time video re-projection, and sound. The sound mirrors the visual net of “the structures” by utilizing an algorithmic process of evolution of a complex modular texture based on simple rules. Intersection with the visual is established through sonic material, entirely derived from the sound samples of objects used for the installation and their interaction. The resulting sonification of the visual separates sounds from their objects and projects them into the space creating a living acoustic environment of shadows and echoes.

Composer Katarina Miljkovic investigates interaction between science, music and nature through collaborative musical performance. Miljkovic has been working on sound mapping of the elementary rules from Stephen Wolfram’s New Kind of Science. Her work in this field has been presented at conferences and festivals in the US and Europe.

Katya Popova is multidisciplinary artist, working at the intersection of physical texture, shadow, and sound. Her works explore what could have been by tracing the physical gestures and material qualities of everyday things. She often works in collaboration with sound artists. Her installations have been exhibited locally and internationally.

Katarina Miljkovic and Katya Popova both teach at the New England Conservatory. Miljkovic is a Chair of the Music Theory Department. Popova teaches courses on Visual Art.