On View
June 27 - August 18, 2019

time-link present

An immersive installation by Studio HHH, featuring projection mapping on crystals activated by breath.

Crystals spontaneously grow in a variety of shapes, those with distinct facets slanting in a forward direction are referred to as “Time-Link Future” crystals, those with distinct facets slanting toward the back are referred to as “Time-Link Past” crystals. This installation is titled TIME-LINK PRESENT, asking visitors to take a moment to be dramatically in the present.

Upon entering INSTALLATION SPACE visitors will see a crescent landscape made from crystalline formations, with a clearing at the center. The landscape of shapes will be illuminated by dancing light created through projection mapping, bringing the faceted surfaces to life with refracted dancing light.

Low cushions placed in the middle of the clearing invite visitors to enter the installation, and to take a seat. Once seated, they may read the simple instructions and put on the velcro belt that they find resting on the cushion. Once a participant places the belt around their waist, the visual and auditory experience subtly changes, and a visual representation of their breath becomes clearly visible through projection. The rhythm of each visitors breath becomes clearly visualized within the installation. If participants adjust their breathing, and synchronize their breath together, they will “unlock” a visual crescendo of light and color across the crystal forms and also throughout the space.

This project is a chance for the community to use the space for a meditative personal experience, but it is also an experiential metaphor for the process of achieving a common goal through the conscious practice of generating a shared experience. Visitors can choose to put on the belt or not, and they can have a rich and engaging personal experience either way.