Death Of painting still 6.png

"escape factory"

A solo exhibition by Francois-Xavier de Costerd

ESCAPE FACTORY is an installation of three video works: 

The Death of Painting (In The Age of Digital Over Production), 2017, 6:15 minutes
Previously screened at the 2017 Geneva International Film Festival for the Virtual Territories fulldome installation, and during HUBweek Boston 2017 at the Swissnex dome on City Hall Plaza. 

Maybe We’ll Have Another Chance, 2017, 5:13 minutes
Finalist for the Lumen prize Moving Image Award in 2017 and screened during CyFest 11at the Annenkirche Installation project in St. Petersburg, 2018.

An Ecstatic Escape (or The Extermination of The Real), 2018, 7:50 minutes
Selected as part of the 2018 Boston Biennale V and screened at Atlantic Works gallery, Boston.

For de Costerd, the questions of the human condition and the place of the artist in a capitalist society are at the heart of his practice. This body of work results from a reflection on the societal pressure of profit over human experience. The conceptual premise for this installation centers around the need for an escape from the confines of our daily existence, and the "factory" as Warhol conceived of it: a place where art workers could mass-produce images the way corporations mass-produce consumer goods. 

de Costerd creates narratives by assembling found imagery, audio, and manipulated fragments of video. He duplicates and layers images, mirroring them into patterns, reflecting infinite mass-production levels, questioning sources and reality, while creating open-ended interpretations. Whether dealing with climate change, politics, entertainment, or other capitalist excesses, ultimately de Costerd’s critique of a mass-produced escape is that it can only turn the human experience into a disposable one.

François-Xavier de Costerd (Born in Lyon, France; lives and works on Boston’s North Shore) is an international artist who creates videos, photo series, installations and performances. With a background in photography and painting, both film masters and painters have influenced his work. He made the Lumen Prize Shortlist for the Moving Image Award. He has shown works at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Geneva International Film Festival, CyFest in St Petersburg, Beacons Festival in Skipton UK, The Boston Biennale, HUBweek Boston, the Museum of Science Boston, the Boston Sculptors Gallery, the Boston Convention Center, Axiom gallery, The MIT Museum, Tufts University, Atlantic Works. He has performed at First Night Boston, Boston CyberArts and Pixilerations, and at Illuminus: Nuit Blanche Boston.